Zachary S Ramos

Production Designer / Set Decorator / Art Department Coordinator / Leadman

with over 11 years of working professionally in film, television, commercials, music videos & Corporate, this industry has only scratched the surface of what I can offer. i’m a good standing member of I.a.t.s.e. 477 as an art dept coordinator & set decorator.


Production Designer

“Setting the mood, using colors & other set pieces that bring the final project to life. “

Collaborating with the director and cinematographer, the production designer creates the visual look & feel of The project, telling a deeper cohesive story using sets, costumes, props & other various artistic elements.

Art department coordinator

“This is where Art meets Business.”

Responsible for overseeing the entire art department, the adc is only concerned with implementing a visual plan with the production design & executing it accordingly to the budget. A good standing memeber of I.a.t.s.e. 477.

Set Decorator

“Just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you know where to put it”

Choosing the right piece of furniture & more importantly, placing it in the right spot can be the difference in having a memorable set. Knowing what looking pleasant to the eye & sets the mood for the scene on camera is a whole different ballpark. A good standing member of I.A.T.S.E. 477.


“and when the set isn’t there, we will build it”

Leading the dressing crew & swing gang, under the set decorator, it’s easy to set your team up for success when you have seen it all within your department. Executing fine art at a brisk pace is just another day when you live in the art department.

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Theory on Art


From the House in American Beauty to the Mos Eisley Cantina in “Star Wars”, the use of production design elevates the visually storytelling. In “American Beauty”, the house is flawless & pristine, which could be far from the truth when compared to the family that dwells inside represents. A more obvious example, from the first time that Luke & the viewers enter the Cantina, they are quickly reminded, thanks to the set design, props, & costumes, they are surely in a galaxy far far away…

- Zachary S Ramos

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